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This is a list of documents available to the compiler of this web-site. Older items are being copied to archive on this site (after the pattern of Project Gutenburg), in rtf format. Some of the material below is supplemented by sketch maps and diagrams. We plan to augment the older books with these to make them more accessible to the modern reader.
Methodism on the Leek Circuit (The Leek Wesleyan Methodist Centenary Book, 1853) compiled by Rev J. B. Dyson

This was published to commemorate 100 years of Methodism in Leek, and is a treasure of early infomation.

Wesleyan Methodism in the Congleton Circuit ( 1856 ) by Rev J. B. Dyson
This is a treasure of early infomation, having much material about John Wesley's visits to Congleton, as well as the local people of the area.
Methodism in my Native Village (1891) by Thomas Willshaw
Very informative account of a century of Methodism in Cheddleton . Includes several inspiring biographies.
Autobiography of Mrs. Hester Ann Rogers (Roe) described as one of the most spiritual of all the early Methodist women. Quoted in Dyson, Methodism in the Leek Circuit.
Letters and Journal of John Wesley, selections of particular interest to our study.
Life of Venerable Hugh Bourne by Rev Jesse Ashworth (1888)
This was published as a shorter life of one of the founders of Primitive Methodism. It is an excellent and inspirational biography.
The Primitive Methodist Magazine extracts from 1820's (and other years if available)
History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion by Rev. H. B. Kendall (1888?)

Kendall also wrote 2 other histories. A large work, generally regarded as the definitive (though not complete) history produced for the 1907 Centenary of the Mow Cop Camp Meeting, and another short history published in 1919.

The 1907 history was first published in a set of paper-covered volumes, each of 80 pages. The main publication was in 2 hard-backed volumes. We now have the 1907 paper-covered set and the 1919 volume, which we hope to copy to this section.

The 1907 history is available in a modern printing in 2 hard-back volumes from Tentmaker Publications. Kendall.
The Romance of Primitive Methodism by Joseph Ritson (1909) .
(This is still available from second hand book sales. Having the real thing is much better than reading it off a computer screen.)
Notes on a Primitive Methodist Sunday School Hymnal
Primitve Methodism in the Leek Moorlands by W H Simcock, 1970
A privately published study by one of the Local Preachers on the Wetton and Longnor Circuit. Contains some excellent material.
Still in copyright. Produced here by kind permission of the author. For private study only. Please do not copy.
This Amiable Family by Rev. David Leese, 2004
A study to be presented (in April 2004) at the Wesley Historical Society, East Midlands. Privides an illuminating little window upon Methodism in the time of Hugh Bourne, and especially in a corner of North Staffordshire of interest to this web site.
Copyright David Leese, 2004. Produced here by kind permission of the author. For private study only. Please do not copy.
A New History of Methodism by Townsend, Workman and Eayrs, 1909
Chapters copied include Methodist New Connexion, Bible Christians, and Primitive Methodism.
Circuit Plans A selection of any available Plans, including Leek, Ramsor (PM) and Wetton & Longnor Circuits
From The Methodist Magazine, 1826, The Waldenses or Vaudois .

This is an account of a visit to the Moderator of the Waldenses, reporting on their conditions of extreme poverty, as well as their doctrines.
* * 2004 Centenary of the 1904 Welsh Revival * *

The Overcomer magazine, produced by Mrs. Jessie Penn Lewis (editor) and Evan Roberts, 1914 annual volume.


Minutes of a Quarterly Meeting of the Leek Primitive Methodist Circuit, 1862 ; html ; rtf ; map (43KB)

Significant other material not archived for copyright reasons

Sketches of Methodist History in Leek and the Moorlands, 1753 to 1943 by J. W. Wardle

Fills in some gaps in Dyson (the Leek centenary book), but is briefer.

Methodism in the Moorlands by John Leach, 1987

Wesley Historical Society (Lancs and Cheshire branch) Occasional Paper no. 5


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